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 Products Name:Cylinder Boring Milling and Grinding Machine
 Item Number:0778
 Products Model:BMG260



1) For boring the cylinder hole of internal combustion engine and the inner hole of cylinder sleeve, and also for other machine element hole.
2) For milling the cylinder block of engine and the other surface.
3) For grinding cylinder block of engine and the other surface.
4) It is a fine machine, it couldt used for rough processing.



1The spindle rotation, feed and table longitudinal travel are stepless speed variation, it takes the advantages of large range and easy operation.
2) It adapted windows for inputting the processing parameters.
3) It has spindle fast centering device for high working efficiency.
4It adapted PLC for controlling each part movement to achieving boring, retract and inputting parameters.



1. Milling head diameter                       250
2. Max. milling area                            400*1000
3. Grinding head diameter                          320
4. Max. grinding area                               400*1000
5. Spindle rotating speed (stepless) r/min           120-1200
6. Spindle feed (stepless) mm/min                        14-900
7. Longitudinal feed of table mm                         32-1350
8. Spindle travel mm                                   700
9. Distance between spindle nose and table mm           0-700
10. spindle center to column front mm         375
11. Table dimensions  mm                              450*1590
12. Table longitudinal travel  mm                          1500
13. Table latitudinal travel  mm                             150
14. Main motor power KW                              5.5
15. Spindle and table feed motor                        DC220V 4.5A
16. Overall dimensions of the machine cm                 200*160*220
17. Packing dimensions cm                         210*170*225

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