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 Products Name: Cut-to-Length Lines
 Item Number: 0870
 Products Model: T44K-2×1500
 updated: 2018/10/18
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T44K-2*1500 Automatic Cut-To-Length line

.  Main performance and usage

This cut-to-length line is characteristic of reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. It is designed for coils with 0. 5-2mm thickness and 1500mm width, with functions of uncoiling, leveling, and cutting metal sheet to set length.

.  Main technical data

Material:   Carbon steel coil, galvanized coil, etc. 

Strength:  σs280Mpa,σb480Mpa
1.  Processing thickness
0. 5-2mm

2.  Processing width300-1500mm
3.  Coil weight
4.  Inner dia. of coil
:Φ508mm  Φ610mm

Outer dia. of coil: Φ508mm-Φ1800mm
5.  Leveling speed
:≤30 m/min (adjustable)

5-12 pcs/min (for 1000~2000mm long sheet)
6.  Leveling rollers number
11 rollers
7.  Leveling rollers dia.
8.  Leveling precision
≤±2. 0mm/m2 (for sheet thickness 1.2mm)

Length precision: ≤±1. 5mm /2m

Diagonal precision: ≤±1. 0mm/2m
9.  Cut-to-length range
10.  Stacking height:
11.  Total power of equipment

12.  Hydraulic system working pressure: 15MPa

13.  Overall dimension of installationL×W):About 18500mm×6000mm

Line composed by:

Coil cradelUncoiler+ Hydraulic supportCoil opening device and entry table (optionalHydraulic loop bridgeStrip guiding deviceMain leveling machineShearing machineConveyor belt (optionalstack device (optionalHydraulic systemPneumatic systemElectrical control system

.  Main parts and brief description

1.   Coil cradle

Hydraulic lifting, mechanical walking, loading 8t  

                          Coil Cradle                                       Uncoiler   

2.  Uncoiler

Cantilever type, hydraulic powered, radial expansion mode

3.  Coil opening device and entry table(optional)

Coil opening device peels the coil leading edge with a rubber roller, and then lead the edge into the entry table where rollers pinch and draw the strip forward.

4.  Hydraulic loop bridge

The loop bridge leads the strip over the loop pit to reach the equipment over the other side of the pit. When this job is done, the bridge drops down.

5.  Strip guiding device:

To prevent the strip from deviation. It guarantees the strip go on the right course.

6.  Main leveling machine

Leveling machine is four-high structure, 11 rollers, with 2 additional drawing rollers. The material of leveling rollers is 42CrMo, quenched and tempered to HRC50 - 55.

8.   Shearing machine

With 2x1500 mechanical shearing machine

9.  Conveyor belt (optional

10.  stack device (optional

Pneumatic powered, with width and length readjusting device, hydraulic scissor lift, work piece outlet cradle.

11.  Hydraulic system

Equipped with 4KW motor, 10L plunger pump. The highest pressure designed is 25Mp, and normal work pressure≤15MP.  Main hydraulic cylinder is made with imported seal rings. 

12.  Pneumatic system

Consists of air service FRL, solenoid valve, pipes and cylinder etc. 

Note: air supply unit not included

13.  Electrical control system

PLC and frequency converter controls the whole line. Touch type screen display. Length of sheets and number of sheet to cut can be programmed. Both automatic and manual modes are available. Under automatic mode, the computer monitors the work of the whole line. Error compensation function is available.

List of some purchased items and suppliers

1.  Bearings: Chinese brand name such as Harbin, Wafangdian, or Louyang 

2.  Main electric elements: Siemens(Suzhou)

3.  Main reducer: Jiangsu Taixing or Tailong 

4.  Main motor: Siemensmade in China

5.  Touched screenWeinviewTaiwan brand made in China

6.  PLC:  MistubishiJapan brand);

7.  Frequency converterDeltaTaiwan brand

8.  Hydraulic Solenoid valveChina brand names, or Japan or Taiwan brand name made in China

9.  Main seal rings: Japanese Valqua or similar imported brand name

.  Delivery time120 days

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