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 Products Name: Fully Automatic Powder Compaction Press
 Item Number: 0878
 Products Model: PP-160
 updated: 2018/10/21
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- Power transmission via a worm gear box

- Machine is equipped with pneumatic clutch, which makes operation and machine control much easier

- Frequency inverter to control speed of strokes, infinitely variable

- Three-step pressing: upper punch preloading, upper punch and die travel downward synchronically, upper punch press down (top pressing)

- Upper punch loading force and stroke are re-adjustable, which helps prevent green part cracking

- Pressing travel, withdrawal travel, top pressing travel and protective withdrawal travel are infinitelyvariable and monitored with viewable scales

- Compatible with multiple die adapters, including upper 2 / lower 2 type and upper 2 / lower 3 type

- PLC unit used as the controlling center, with digital display. Safety protection devices applied. Main electrics are basically world brand names.

- Optional functions like manipulator can be used according to customer requests.




 Maximum pressing force


 Withdraw force max

80 KN

 Supporting force max. in pressing position

50 KN

 Die return force max.

5.5 KN

 Upper Punch Travel

100 mm

 Upper Punch Travel reajust

70 mm

 Filling height max.

65 mm

 Pressing travel max.

30 mm

 Withdrawal travel max.

35 mm

 Top punch travel max.

6 mm

 Stroked per minute(variable)

10-25 spm

 Main motor

3kwn=1430 rpm

 Air pressure for pneumatic clutch

5.5 bar

 Pressed air consumption

225 L/min

 Lubricating motor

0.37 kw

 Total Power

4.6 kw

 Downward pressure range

0.5-5.5 bar

 Downward force range

255-2810 N

 Upward pressure

5.5 bar

 Upward force

1380 N

 Pre-loading stroke

0-30 mm

 Air consumption rate max

63 L/min

 Oil volume need for main gear box

20 L(N68 oil)






























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